Electronic circuit board close up.

Kolb OF1

Kolb specially made this chemistry to help make the cleaning of SMD reflow ovens, wave solder, vapor phase soldering and selective soldering systems from flux and soldered solder paste IMMENSELY easier.

Therefore, simply apply by spraying the gel on the desired surface, let it shortly sit to break up the particulates, and easily remove with a cloth and/or spatula. Also suitable for machinery surfaces and parts, solder frames, carriers, aluminum, PVC, stainless steel, glass, etc. without rinsing!

Additionally, OF1 is lead-free, REACH compliant, and TSCA compliant!

Here at A-Tek, we pride ourselves with only carrying the highest quality products.
As a result, OF1 will help make any maintenance engineers, process engineers, and engineering managers lives exceptionally easier with optimal cleaning capabilities and incredible efficiency. So try yours out today!


Lastly, for more information about the machines that are involved in this process and other processes within the SMT (surface mount technology) industry, visit us at our machine centric website here.

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