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OF1® is a oven cleaning gel for the manual cleaning of SMD reflow ovens (process chamber), wave solder equipment, vapor phase soldering and selective soldering systems from flux and soldered solder paste.

OF1® is ideally suitable for oven cleaning. Also, this gel cleans colophonium (rosin) and flux quickly, thoroughly, and with the best possible product protection. E.g. from vapor phase or wave soldering ovens, machinery surfaces and parts, solder frames, carriers, aluminum, etc. without rinsing. Additionally, you apply it by simply spraying the gel on. After a short reaction time, the residues that dissolve are easily removable with a cloth and/or spatula. Comes in a 1L bottle.

Here at A-Tek Systems, we pride ourselves in the pursuit of excellence with our products and services. Our OF1 oven cleaner is a prime example of that. Our CF1 oven cleaner was the first iteration (still very effective), we then took our customer’s comments and improved upon our product, hence the birth of the OF1 oven cleaning gel. Instead of it being a normal fluid consistency like the CF1 oven cleaner, the OF1 oven cleaner is a foaming gel. So instead of the normal fluid running off the desired surface you want to clean, the foaming gel obviously stays on the desired surface making the separation of particulates more effective. For additional information, you can visit Kolb Cleaning Technology.


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Tech Specs & Data

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10.5 × 3 × 3 in

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