About Us

For more than 15 years, A-Tek has been supporting and supplying the SMT manufacturing industry by thoroughly evaluating supply chains. We have, and always continue to search for, the best partnership agreements to ensure today’s manufacturers have a reliable source for acquiring high quality spare parts and supplies for their manufacturing needs. 

For more information on the manufacturing equipment supplied by A-Tek Systems Group go to www.atekllc.com or call sales at 970-532-5100.

Meet the A-Tek Supplies Team!

Pic of Robert

Meet Robert, our VP of Operations

Robert oversees international and domestic supply chains for A-Tek LLC and A-Tek Supplies. He also coordinates global drop-shipping and routing activities, manages company finances, including AP/AR management, budgeting, and cash flow. If our sales or service specialists have too much on their plate, Robert is more than capable of helping out with any questions or needs regarding those things. On top of all this Robert also advises business account management ensuring that A-Tek Systems administers proper action for our customers and continues to construct genuine and beneficial relations with every customer coming our way.


Meet Christie, our Office Manager.

Christie oversees and supports all administrative duties in the office, such as phone support and greeting visitors to name a few. She also helps support the President/CEO with her administrative tasks and HR support. She makes sure everything runs as smoothly as possible and she creates and maintains a pleasant work environment, ensuring high levels of organizational effectiveness, communication, and safety.

Pic of Jared

Meet Jared, our E-commerce Manager, and Logistics Assistant. 

Jared manages both the A-Tek LLC website and the A-Tek Supplies website as well as assisting the VP of Operations with shipping and logistics of our spare parts and consumables department. He strives to give you the best customer service and experience when ordering online or over the phone; in addition to connecting you to our specialists regarding further complex sales and service inquiries.

Have some questions?

A-Tek representatives will do their best to help you with any problem or question you may have or redirect you to the proper individuals who can.

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