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The ED Series AC Direct Plug-in Screwdrivers are our low cost professional electric torque screwdrivers. These drivers are ideal for assembly applications that require exact torque only.

These Torque Drivers are a lever start electric screwdriver with an ergonomic design to ensure the operator’s comfort. Once you reach the screwdriver’s torque setting, this screwdriver has a Full Auto Shut-Off clutch that turns the screwdrivers off. This feature ensures that you don’t damage the fastener, while providing excellent repeatable torque. Determine your torque settings through adjusting the “stepless torque adjuster” at the butt-end of the screwdriver. The ED Series is our most popular line of direct plug-in torque screwdrivers. Common usages for these screwdrivers are assembly applications that require precision torque control.

Tech Specs & Data

Weight 1.21 lbs
Dimensions 9.5 × 1.42 × 1.42 in

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