Splice Tape & Splicing Tools

SO282, 1000pcs/box
AL Joint Tape TO184 A3, 42mm*22mm, 1000pcs/roll, for 3 holes,sheet
AL Joint Tape Roll TO184 B3, 42mm*22mm, 1000pcs/roll, for 3 holes
AL Joint Tape TO184 B5, 1000pcs/box, for 5 holes
Siemens Single Splice Tape Yellow, 8mm-44mm, 1000pcs/roll
AL Joint Tape, 6 Hole, 40mm*32mm, 1000pcs/Box TO184 A6
Brass Splice Clip, 20 pieces per sheet, 100 sheets per box
Brass Splice Clips, 4000 pieces per box
Cover Tape Connectors for Partial SMD Reels ● Component savings at the start of the tape reel ● Reduction of wasted components
Ensure perfect and reliable joints in 8 mm punched SMD tapes. Joining is accomplished without any tools or fixtures, with precise pitch spacing, using convenien...
Fuji NXT Silver Splice Tape,8mm - 32mm, ESD, PET, 250 pieces per box, silver,TO200A
Hitachi TO192 A8, 2pcs/card, yellow, 8mm 500pcs/box, with 8 holes
TO190 A8 & B8, 3pcs/card & 4pcs/card, yellow, 8mm 500pcs/box
PN F0381F, Splice tool, Stapler Splice Tool
PN F0381E, Splice tape, forecep tool, brass magazine clips
PN F0382 B, Splice Tape Cutting Tool, 1 piece per set, scissors
Siemens Single Splice Tape Blue, 8mm-24mm, 800 pieces per roll, KO181
Siemens Single Splice Tape Yellow, 8mm-44mm, 1000pcs/roll
SMT Single Splice Tape Black, ESD, 8mm-24mm, 4000pcs/box, TO183-C
SMT Single Splice Tape Yellow, 8mm-24mm, 4000pcs/box, TO183-A
SO281 A, 4000pcs/box
SO281 C, 4000pcs/box, NEW Style, higher connectivity
F0381 C, 1pc/set, tool/forceps Accurate alignment is achieved by arranging the tape on the locating pins of the splicing tool.
Tape With Clip TO189A, Yellow , 8mm-24mm, 500pcs/Box
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