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What is Galden?


Galden is a “high performance dielectric heat transfer fluid” this gives it the capacity to operate at very low and/or elevated temperatures in aggressive conditions. This makes it perfect for many applications within the industrial, semiconductor, electrical industry and many more. Product lines include: Galden HT, Galden D, Galden LS/HS, and Galden SV.

Characteristics Include

  • High thermal stability
  • Broad range of operating temperatures
  • Good dielectric properties
  • Chemically inert
  • Compatible with metals, plastics and elastomers
  • No flash, fire or auto-ignition points
  • Safety (FM approved 6930)
  • NSF approved

What is the role of Galden LS/HS?


Before you understand the use-case of Galden LS/HS, you must first know what Vapor Phase Soldering is (VPS). VPS is the process used to mount semiconductor chips to printed circuit boards (PCB). When using this method with our Asson Vapor Phase machines, the Galden LS/HS heats up, turning it into a fine vapor, thoroughly coating the semiconductors and PCBs while synchronously melting the desired solder paste. This forms reliable joints and solders the chips to the PCB. Additionally, a vacuum option on our Asscon machines can help greatly reduce the chances of voids in the soldering joints. If necessary, you can even de-solder and rework particular components when certain requirements have not yet been met.

The grades of LS and HS provide a lead-free solution for VPS up to 260°C allowing for precise vapor temperature and eliminating overheating. The narrow molecular weight distribution eliminates the evaporation of low boiling components and undesired boiling point drift during processing. These fluids are RoHS compliant.

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Galden LS/HS

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