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Traceability Basic

Traceability within the production floor allows for greater control and oversight within your facilities regarding your products and/or parts needed for your products. Whether that’s to visualize production volume, keep precise inventory, trace misprints, or even track the time it took to create your product to find additional areas that can be optimized; the opportunities are endless!

Traceability Basic (as the name suggests) is the first-tier option. It collects, documents, saves, and archives process relevant data for download to a password-protected WiFi SD card (slot) in the PLC of the cleaning system. This data can include:

  • Quantity and marking of cleaned PCBs / products
  • Scan-data: max 50 symbols ASCII code, European 32-127
  • Date / time of process start
  • Temperature of the cleaning detergent (if data / hardware is available)
  • Process relevant parameters
  • Quality of the clear rinse water in µS (if data / hardware is available)
  • Drying temperature (if data / hardware is available)
  • Error messages during a running process (max 3)
  • Date / time of process end
  • Information regarding the detergent used


Traceability Comfort is similar to Basic in regards to the type of information and parameters it can record (e.g. serial and batch numbers, quality data, machine data, events, quantities, process data, etc) it is just very much more automated unless it is needed to be closely overseen by an operator and manually entered in within the particular production process, such as quality. An additional perk of Comfort is the transfer and backup of process-relevant data in a SQL database with DataLogger (on a system-integrated PC).

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