Electronic circuit board close up.

New Product: FR60

  • Our new product from Kolb is a spray detergent for quick manual cleaning of assemblies.
  • It is perfectly suited for the fast removal of flux residues due to its short application time.
  • The spray is ideal for normal PCBA contaminations (for stubborn contamination, use FR100)
  • Simply apple from a spray bottle to the desired surface to be cleaned. The ESD-safe cleaner evaporates residue-free. The dissolved flux residues can then be easily removed using the bottle’s brush head, which is particularly gentle on components.


New Product: FR100

  • An intensive spray detergent for manual cleaning of assemblies
  • Perfectly suited for the removal of flux residues (when individual assemblies  have to be cleaned by hand for specific reasons
  • Ideal for particularly stubborn contamination
  • Simply apply from a spray bottle to the surface to be cleaned
  • An ESD-safe cleaner that evaporates residue-free
  • Dissolved particulates can be easily removed using the bottle’s gentle brush head