Electronic circuit board close up.

Fully automized Ionic contamination tester

Call for special customization options.


Tech Specs & Data

Weight 77.16 lbs
Dimensions 25.19 × 25.19 × 34.64 in

This Ionic Contamination Tester measures how clean your substrates or boards are, as well as measures residues of the production process. It can also test and monitor the washing process, measures residues of flux, monitor production, and material income qualification. Features include:
– Reporting through MS-Word templates: fully customizable
– Database for all results
– Network capabilities
– Data is clear, no need for interpretation
– Easy software interface
– Sensitivity : 0.20%
– Test accuracy: 0.005µS/cm
– Life time sensor
– High reliable EtherCAT network connection
– Self cooling circulation pump (does not warm the test fluid)
– Recording of the fluid temperature during measurement


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