MultiEx VR-SP, ReadyMix,090678-RM25



Kolb MultiEx® VRSP

The Kolb MultiEx VRSP is an aqueous, alkaline broadband detergent well suited for mulltiple cleaning tasks including assembled PCBs, ceramic substrates, misprints, stencils solder carriers and palelts and other production tools. Depending on the type and age of the contmination, MultiEx VRSP may also be suitable for condensations traps, coolers and steel sheets.

To protect metals from electromechnical deterioration, the MultiEx VRSP contains organic inhibitors to aid in the prevention of possible field failures due to metal corrosion.

VRSP is suitable for cleaning colophonium and flux as well as solder paste.

MultiEx VRSP is a ReadyMix detergent ideal for direct use in kolb systems with PowerSpray® technology and other common spray-in-air cleaning systems. Depending on the product, contamination and cleaning task, VRSP may also be suitable for kolb AirFlow® systems as well as common spray-in-immersion and ultrasonic cleaning systems.


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