Kolb MultiEx N7 Ready Mix & Concentrate


MultiEx® N7-TS Regenerative aqueous cleaning and rinsing detergent.

Kolb MultiEx N7 (TS) is an aqueous, pH-neutral broadband cleaning and / or rinsing detergent for ultra-fine and fine cleaning tasks, and is welll suited for cleaning SMD-paste, dust, fats, oils and (conditionally) colophonium and flux from stencils, screens , squeegees and other screen printer tools. MulttEx N7 cleans thoroughly and effciently with best material protection to protect parts from metal corrosion.

Depending on cleaning task, MultiEx N7 may also suitable for assembled PCBs, solder carriers, solder pallets, ESD boxes, PCB magazines. MultiEx N7 is pH neutral (6.7 – 250g/l) and can be used for both clean and rinse operations, providing a 100% closed loop cleaning solution. MultiEx N7 TS is suitable for all Kolb spray-in-air systems. Furthermore, as a ternary sequence product, contamination is homogenously carried in the molecules. It will then be filtered through the cleaning systems processing units and after filtration, the material is rejuveniated and ready for the next cleaning cycle.

MultiEx N7 is available as ReadyMix (green screw cap) or as a Concentrate. (yellow screw cap), and is approved for use in all kolb systems featuring PowerSpray® technology. It can also be used in other common spray-in-air cleaning systems as well as in the underside stencil wipe reservoir of todays modern screen printers. Depending on product and cleaning task also suitable for kolb AirFlow® systems as well common spray-in- immersion and ultrasonic cleaning systems. Consult A-Tek Systems Group for compatability report.

MultiEx N7 TS as a concentrate reaches its best efficiency at a blending ratio of 1:2,5 to 1:4.


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Kolb MultiEx N7 Size

1 Liter, 10 Liters +$93.20, 1000 Liters +$9871.36, 200 Liters +$2255.17, 25 Liters +$293.55, 25 Liters Concentrate +$742.32



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