Kolb MultiEx 3D Ready Mix



Kolb MultiEx 3D®-E14 ReadyMix

MultiEx 3D E14 is 3-dimensional, aqueous special detergent designed for cleaning Colophonium, Deoxidizers and Passivates and is highly effective for thoroughly cleaning DCBs, assembled PCBs and ceramic substrates. Special inhibitors ensure material compatability to protect the parts from oxidation and corrosion.

Depending on cleaning task, MultiEx 3DE14 may be suitable for cleaning stencils and screens. Contact the Kolb Cleaning Technology USA for suitability tests.

MultiEx 3D E14 is a ReadyMix product and is used in all Kolb cleaning systems featuring PowerSpray® technology, as well as other common spray-in-air systems and ultrasonic cleaning systems.



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Technical Specification



10 Liters, 200 Liters, 25 Liters


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