Kolb Fine Cleaning MultiEx GC ReadyMix 090612-RM25


Kolb MultiEx® GC ReadyMix

MultiEx GC is a specially formulated pH-neutral product for cleaning SMD adhesive, aluminum and silver paste (EG. solar production), SMD paste and colophonium from stencils, screens and PumpPrint stencils while providing best material protection from metal corossion.

Additional cleaning tasks may include assembled PCBs, solder frames and carriers, ESD boxes and other producition tools.

MultiEx GC is a ReadyMix solution for the direct use in all kolb systems featuring PowerSpray® technology. It has also been approved for use in other common spray-in-air cleaning system. Depending on product and cleaning task also suitable for kolb AirFlow® systems as well as for common spray-in-immersion and ultrasonic cleaning systems. Consult A-Tek Systems Group for suitability. 

For volume orders over 100 liters, contact A-Tek Supplies


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Technical Specification


Weight 65.0000 lbs


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