Kolb ContraFlux FM GN Ready MIx




Kolb ContraFlux® FM GN

Ready MIx Special detergent for the removal of condensate residues

ContraFlux FM is an aqueous, alkaline cleaner formulated for maintenance cleaning of condensate management systems to efficiently remove condensate and rosin.

ContraFlux FM has best material protection of and is also suited to safely clean condensate traps, filter sheets, coolers, cyclones. Depending on the cleaning task,  -FM may also be used for solder frames, solder pallets, ESD boxes and PCB storage magazines. Consult A-Tek Supplies for suitability reports.

ContraFlux FM is a ReadyMix material and can be used in kolb AirFlow® systems as well as all standard spray-in-immersion cleaning systems.

For industrial applications, ContraFlux FM can be used in kolb systems featuring PulseFlow® technology to clean piping and cyclones. Depending on product and cleaning task also suitable for ultrasonic cleaning systems and manual cleaning.


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Technical Specification


Kolb ContraFlux FM GN Ready Mix Size

10 Liters +$102.08, 1000 Liters +$8274.00, 25 Liters +$265.00



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