EBSOMAT 400 Axial Component Lead Form

The EBSOMAT 400 is designed for cutting / bending of axial components. Component leads are cut to specified length, and custom tools can define special forms and stand-offs as required. In manual operation, 10,000 components per hour can be processed. An increase of 40% capacity can be accomplished with the addition of a motor drive.   


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Technical Specification

EBSOMAT 400 Axial component lead form


The EBSOMAT 400 is a versatile lead form machine designed specifically for prepping taped axial components, accurately without inducing undue component stress. Up to 10,000 parts per hour can be formed when oerating in manual mode. With the optional motor drive, capacity of the machine can be increased by 40%.



Benefits and Features of the EBSOMAT E400

    • No mechanical stress of components with the cutting, bending, and forming process
    • Gradual adjustment with the cutting unit for the “overbending” of wired components by more than 90⁰ and 180⁰
    • The bending components are supplied with a special roller design, so that the components can not be damaged by overbending
    • Pitches and length of the connecting wire can be adjusted gradually
    • The standard tooling allows for the processing of the components in either the horizontal or vertical mode
    • Gradual speed adjustment


ebsomat400-component1 ebsomat-400-component


Weight lbs
Options and tools sets

Bending finger (unit) complete (PN 400/4471/0000)+175.00, Bending finger (unit) complete (PN 400/4472/0000)+175.00, Bending finger (unit) complete (PN 400/4481/0000)+175, Bending finger (unit) complete (PN 400/4482/0000)+175, Cutting only for lead 0,4mm-1,0mm (PN 4-005)+1115.0, feeding device Part number-400/4700/0000, Motor drive w/ counter (PN 400/4900/0000)+3010.00, Stand – Off for 1,6 mm PCB (PN 4-003)+1470.00, Stand-Off / Snap-In, for 1,6mm PCB, (PN 4-001)+1470, Stand-Off for 1,6mm PCB, tool set – stand off bis 0,8 mm (PN 4-004)+1470, Under frame w/ waste basket (PN 400/4800/0000)+850



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