EBSO EasyCut 450 v-groove depaneler


The EBSO EasyCut 450 is an economical solution for singulating square or rectangular PCBs from a scored panel array, To separate the boards, the panel is passed between the upper and lower blades on the score line. The EasyCut 450 is suitable for large and small PCBs

The PCB is laid onto the linear blade with the edge of the blade located into the scored groove of the PCB. Passing the blade across the PCB will separate the boards from the panel array. The scored grooves can be interrupted by any number of cuts of cut-outs.

Technical Data:

  • Dimensions:        431 x 685 x 304mm (16.9″ x 26.9″ x 11.9″)
  • Weight:                 25 kg
  • Electrical:             NA
  • Panel thickness:  1.0 – 3.2mm (25.4″ – 76.2″)
  • Groove:                  .3 – .8mm (7.62″ – 20.32″)
  • Angle of groove:   25 degrees to 30 degrees


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Technical Specification

The EBSO EasyCut 450 is an economical solution for singulating square or rectangular scored PCBs from a panel array.

Max height of the component near v-groove:




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