EBSO C043 Axial Lead Trimmer/Former


With the EBSO E043 Axial cutting and bending machine you have the possibility to work axial lying as well as axial standing components. With only a few grips, less than five minutes time, the machine can be retrofited from one component variant to another.

• Easy tape insertion
• Stress relief tooling prevents components damage
• Pitches and lenght of the connecting wires can be adjusted gradually
• Over-bending of the components is possible.

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Technical Specification


Technical Data
– Length: 580 mm
– Width: 300 mm
– Height: 380 mm
– Weight: 30 kg
– Pitches: 2,5 – 50 mm
– Diameter: 0,3 – 1,3 mm
– Connecting: 230V/50HZ
– Output: max. 8000/hr


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