CF1 SMD Oven Cleaner 090618




Kolb CF1 manual spray-on cleaner

Kolb CF1 is highly effective for manually cleaning SMT reflow ovens. To ensure maximum soldering performance, regular maintenance to remove contamination cannot be avoided. Fluxes and gaseous emissions will be up and accumulate within the SMD oven during the soldering process. Contamination in the oven could result in reduced performance, conveyors sticking, fingers loosing their grip and possible PCB conamination.

CF1 is an aqueous, alkaline manual spray-on cleaning product. After a short soak, simply wipe clean using a shop ESD rag. CF1 is suited to cleaning colophonium (rosin) and flux, quickly and efficiently and is safe to use on machine parts, solder frames, carriers, aluminum, PVC, stainless steel.


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CF1 SMD Oven Cleaner 090618 Size

1 Liter +$35.00, 10 Liters +$250.00, 25 Liters +$328.77


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